St. Andrew's   -   Full site design -   for Blackbaud K-12

Loyola Academy   -   Unique athletic site & full site design -   for Blackbaud K-12

Evolution of a Homepage, Roxbury Latin School   -   Full site design -   for WhippleHill

Roxbury Latin wasn't quite sure what content they were looking for on their new homepage design. Only that they want it to look different than their current homepage, but to still focus on the latest news and events. The first mock-up I offered them a bold representation of this. After discussions they felt that it was okay to pair done the list of events and I offered a group of links to take them to specific high traffic pages, as well as giving them student profile links. The end result was something more subtle with only the links remaining. In the last image here the links are shown with their hover state while the in the second image they're shown with their off state.

Christ Presbyterian Academy   -   Full site design &  CSS styling   -   for WhippleHill

CPA was looking to shed their dated site when I offered them a long scrolling homepage with a dramatic purple overlay on their main image gallery to show off their school color. The interiors where designed after digital magazine layouts with a focus on tablet viewing. I coded a majority of the CSS for this site as well as the interaction design.

Viewpoint School   -   Interactive Campus Map   -   for WhippleHill

Viewpoint was looking for an app that integrated with their site to be used as a campus tour guide. The challenge here was to design it so that it could accommodate photo galleries and videos for each area highlighted on their map. 

Marist School   -   Full site design & CSS styling -   for WhippleHill

Marist was ready to embrace Responsive Web Design for their new site, but the challenge hear was to incorporate everything that was deemed necessary for the homepage while still maintaining a clean look. The school provided great photography which made that task that much simpler, so the decision was to focus on the images and have the important text overlaid on top of them.

Bryan Innovation Lab at The Steward School   -   Full site design   -   for WhippleHill

The Steward School was setting up a new facility and was looking for it to have it's own site aside from their school site. The idea was to gear it towards a younger crowd and make look great on tablets. This was designed for WhippleHill's previous CMS (Podium) and is not fully responsive, which was the challenge when trying to design for desktops and tablets together.

Kiski   -   Full site design   -   for WhippleHill

The Kiski project was unique as I was tasked with designing the site to work with two separate CMS's in mind. It needed to work on the older Podium CMS as that's what they currently had and needed the site to go live quickly. They were planning on upgrading to the onMessage CMS which allows for responsive site and self-managed updates. So the design needed to be able to handle both while working in their unique back-ends.