With a neurotic terrier by my side I live in a small home near the New Hampshire seacoast that just happens to be within walking distance of a craft brewery, Chinese restaurant, and a coffee shop. What else does a designer need?!

I got my start in digital design back in the late 90's when designing web sites for bands in high school. Without any scientific data to back up this claim, but that HAS to be the most common way designers start. I'm very into web design, app design, and more specifically simple UI and dashboards.

Aside from digital design, I enjoy photography, astrophysics, and my backyard garden. Once every couple of years I'll try painting too, but then I'll lose control when the paint brush flops around everywhere and then I'll put the easel back in the closet. I've got a nice little video game console collection that's growing too. Which just means I've been playing video games since I was little and my pack rat nature just doesn't let me get rid of them when I buy the next one.